“Anyone or anyt…

“Anyone or anything that does not help you become the-better-version-of-yourself is too small for you” – Matthew Kelly

Sometimes there aren’t any answers to questions, and we have to learn that it’s ok. People leave out of your life for a reason. 

Hello Again Home

Well, it has been about more than a month since I’ve been out of college and about six since I’ve been out of my undergraduate exploring majors class, the reason I started my WordPress. I don’t like annoying people with my rants so my blog will be overwhelmed with my opinions. My first year was quite a LOAD from an unsuspected culture shock, a not so welcoming NASCAR experience to doing amazing things I never imagined I’d do to meeting AMAZING people.. it happened all.. At first I felt out of place and awkward in Denton, but as I learned my ropes and met my long lost sisters, i realized then it was my second home. I joined the Tuesday Night Bike Ride, and that became my down to earth simple family. I love it there I feel free, I feel as if I’m the person I always wanted to be with NO restrictions. In Denton I’m simply me and I love it. I see things so differently and appreciate a lot more things. There’s no place like home and HELL I FOUND HOME.

Farewell Address

This past semester has been a breeze! I remember being scared of college and being on my own. I have definitely learned a lot not only academically, but socially as well. I’ve experienced so many things I never though I would. I have learned that no matter how many times you tell yourself that procrastination isn’t that bad, it will ALWAYS be. I have learned to work harder, not to give up so easily, and have a positive and purposeful aspect on everything you do. There’s no doubt that I have grown as a person this semester, I’ve learned the real meaning of responsibility and the not so fun parts that come along with it. I enjoyed my UGST class very much because it opened my eyes to the many possibilities that I can take advantage of, and in the mean while it allowed me to meet some of the coolest people on campus. It was fate that put me in this UGST class because I met my long lost best friend there, who’s become almost like a sister to me. Celeste is the quiet version of me and has become one of my true best friends; we’re inseparable and plan to room together next semester. I currently plan on becoming a Radio, Television, and Film major and take advantage of all the opportunities that will present themselves in the future. I came, I saw, and I will conquer. Carpe diem.


Spirituality means having any inner connection with yourself whether it’s what you believe in, where you come from, what you hold most dearly, or something you hold to be spiritual within you from another higher power. From the presentation, I learned that the background you come from influences decisions in everyday life. I found it quite amusing that your subconscious makes decisions based on spirituality. Also, I realized that college would be the first time where you get to reflect on what you believe in is true; from experience I realized that not attending church every Sunday affected me so I looked and found a church that was very similar to the one back home.

Group Collaboration


Group collaborations have overall worked effectively this semester. Usually, I am the one who always plans and decides how to attack the task given. I like to write out what needs to be done and then assign each person to a task. My Roadtrip Nation Group is suffering due to the fact that my partner and I have not been able to find an interviewee and therefore Anna, my other partner, is the only one who has successfully interviewed her interviewee. I kept getting a hold of people, but eventually lost contact of them; I am currently working on my fourth interviewee contender. My Roadtrip Nation Group tends to text often, but we communicate most effectively when we meet outside of class to discuss what has gotten or still needs to get done. I prefer partner work because it’s easier to handle and keep track of like in our Wellness Lessons. Work discipline amongst partners is stronger when working in pairs. Bigger group collaboration tends to get out of control faster and is harder to meet at times that favor the entire group. I enjoyed working with different groups of people because you get the opportunity to hear the opinions of others and challenge them, like when we did our survival activity. In the end, I love my UGH-ST class and the people I’ve been privileged to work with. 


The word diversity means differences in people that will either unify or divide them. Diversities can be seen either negatively or positively, it all depends on how the people around you react to that diverse culture. I identify with the culture of being a Mexican teenage girl in an environment where this specific culture is a minority. My parents have instilled my values; they taught me to be proud of being Mexican and embracing the differences I have from others. Coming from a high school where 90% of the students were Hispanic, it was a huge culture shock to suddenly be about 12% of the student population here in college. Being a Mexican teenage girl here in college has been challenged because from the experiences that I’ve had being a Mexican teenage girl here isn’t what’s most popular. My culture has been challenged because sometimes I feel like I shouldn’t speak Spanish around certain people just because I know I will be judged or treated differently. My family is what influences my viewpoints and values; they remind me of where I come from and who I am, they remind me that I should be proud of my culture. Unfortunately, I have judged a book by its cover; there was a girl who was walking strange and my friend and I started making vulgar comments until we realized she had a handicap. When we realized she had a handicap, my friend and I felt awful, we regretted every single word said. From that experience, I learned that you should never let ignorance influence your judgments. From reading Section 9.2 of the College Success I agree completely with what it says stating that diversity “refers to the great variety of human characteristics—ways that we are different even as we are all human and share more similarities than differences.” I enjoyed the fact that the book mentioned that diversity has many broad interpretations from race, age, music taste, educational background, to different cultures that don’t have to be negative. I plan to join LULAC, League of United Latin American Citizens, because it is a group where I could share similar values as others, a group where I could freely feel proud of being a Mexican minority.

I didn’t want to know..

I don’t like this video at all, not because I don’t think it’s of quality, but because of the unfortunate truth it brings. Unfortunately, I had seen a video similar to this my junior year in high school so it wasn’t a total shocker to realize how unprepared we are for the future. Personally, I don’t look forward to the environment that will surround me in the future, even now a days I feel like some of our technology is too advanced for us. This video made me feel upset and hopeless for my future life. The concepts of future careers made me feel secure about my recently declared major; majoring in Radio, Television, and Film because TV and the entertainment industry seem likely to thrive in the future. What makes me nervous is the fact that the information we would learn as a college student would be outdated by our third year in college, that only makes it harder to compete with others out there. I have no clue what to resort to if it comes to the point that all the information I learned in college is outdated. I feel desolated because I know for a fact that teenagers in the United States have no chance of competing with the rest of the world by the time it comes to finding a career. After watching the facts presented by this video I would visit the Career Center to see how broad my career options are with desired major, but since I already did that there is slight hope that I might still obtain a successful future.

Savannah & Partner’s Financial Planning Lesson

Recently, college has shaped the way I spend money differently. Now I spend most of my money on food or entertainment. When I spend money on food it is usually on weekends when I go out with my friends. My money also goes to entertainment purposes, I love to country-dance, but that has a cost. I spend money on movies, dancing, and food for my room. I’m very good at controlling myself when it comes to buying things I don’t need; when I recently began attending collage I used to spend money like crazy, but had to stop when I realized it was all going away. I did a little reflection time and realized that I don’t need most of the things I spend money on. Like in the video shown I learned to say no more often than I used to. I’m starting to spend money only on items that are vital to me like soap, shampoo, etc. To reduce the amount of money eating out on weekends, I am going to use my seven-day meal plan and visit Kerr dining hall more often, even if I go alone. I can’t spend a plethora of money when it comes to having fun anymore, so now I’m going to only treat myself to go out only when I truly deserve it. Being cheap is the way to save; no matter how badly I want it if I can’t afford it I don’t deserve it.

Eric Nadel Speaks

Although I was listening to Eric Nadel from the hallway, he had a very interesting story about how he became the sports announcer on radio broadcast for the Texas Rangers. Eric Nadel was inspired by his father; who was the first to tell him that the person narrating baseball games had an actual job and it was to narrate baseball games; it was then that Nadel decided to strive for his dream job. He began practicing by putting the TV on mute and narrating sports; at the age of 11 his parents bought him a tape recorder and he began to record his narratings. Raised in Brooklyn, Nadel had to loose his Brooklyn accent if he wanted a serious career in sports broadcasting; Nadel joined a broadcasting program at North Western. His friend, who was the country/western disc jockey at a local radio station, offered Nadel to take his job because his friend was making more money at another part time job and wanted to fully commit to it. Nadel got hired and obtained professional experience beneficial to him once he attended Brown University. At Brown, hockey became a strong interest for Nadel and so he became the narrator for the university’s team. His senior year at Brown, he sent a recording demo to every minor league hockey team and was hired by a AAA Oklahoma City hockey team which then merged with the Dallas Black Hawks hockey team. The Rangers became interested in Nadel and called to interview him. Although he stated otherwise, Nadel had never narrated a baseball game, only attended several. In 6 months he had to learn about the game, the league, the players, and play-by-play action phrases. This was challenging because Nadel had to learn how to waste time while the ball wasn’t in action, he had to learn about the player’s past, and the opposing team’s past while making his narrating interesting and catchy. In 1979, Eric Nadel officially became the sports announcer on radio broadcast for the Texas Rangers. His previous experience helped him excel in his narrating and with the facilitation of the Internet, it became easier for him to learn about the opposing teams and the player’s ethic. 

Jake & Nicole’s LGBT Lesson

Although Jake and Nicole didn’t leave anything to reflect or think about, I think their lesson was very informative and well planned. I especially love their “It gets better” video, I had seen it before and it melts my heart every time I watch it. I think that every individual should get treated equally, that we should all have the same rights, and be treated equally. It is everyday people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender; there is no difference between them or people who aren’t lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender. People need to learn to accept differences, to agree to disagree and carry on with their lives. Everyone deserves an equal opportunity of being happy, of raising a family, and to live their life as they choose. I believe that there should be laws that allow same sex marriage, then everyone could be happy. It is unfair for lesbians, gays, bisexuals, and transgenders to be discriminated and treated unequally by others. The unfair treatment by others lead to suicides and high depression rates. It is not okay to judge others just because they’re a different sexual orientation than what the “normal” person is. If society, meaning us, saw lesbians, gays, bisexuals, and transgenders just like we saw everyone else in acceptance, then we would make a difference. There is hope for everyone, just like in the video, there’s millions of people out there suffering from unfair treatment who have overcome those obstacles and are now very joyous people. Judgments are a temporary hell that everyone has to overcome; it gets worse before it gets better.